CYO Sport Offerings


  • Grade school basketball is available for students in grades 3 - 8
  • Saint Rose also offers high school CYO basketball
  • Each team practices for one hour, twice a week


  • CYO Cheerleading is open to students in grades 5th - 8th
  • We do not offer competition for cheerleading squads
    • All partner stunts and/or pyramids are limited to two levels high
    • Hip and thigh mounts are the only allowable mounts
    • Split lifts are not permitted
    • Acrobatic routines are permitted, but no throws or lifts are allowed 
    • A spotter should be used in practice and performance until tumbling stunt or jump is perfected and approved by the coach
    • One of these spotters must be the adult certified coach

Cross Country:

  • Practices
    • Practices are held in a fun atmosphere with participation from parents and siblings encouraged!  We focus on fitness, flexibility, endurance, faith, fun, and yes - treats too!
  • Distance & Divisions
    • There are two races in each division at each meet (one for boys and one for girls).
      • PeeWee Division:  K - 1st grades = 1/2 mile
      • Minor Division:  2nd - 3rd grades = 3/4 mile
      • Cadet Division:  4th - 6th grades = 1 mile
      • Junior Division:  7th - 8th grades = 2 miles
  • Race Procedure and Order
    • 5 Saturday morning races
      • 8:00 am - Course is open for inspection for Cadets & Juniors
      • 8:30 am - Coaches meeting with the meet director
      • 8:55 am - CYO Team Prayer followed by the Pledge of Allegiance
      • 9:00 am - Junior girl's race, Junior boy's race, Cadet girl's race, and Cadet boy's race
      • 11:00 am - Course is open for inspection for PeeWees & Minors after the completion of the Cadet boys race     
      • 11:30 am - CYO Team Prayer followed by the Pledge of Allegiance - PeeWee girl's race, PeeWee boy's race, Minor girl's race, and Minor boy's race


  • Football is offered to grade school boys in the 5th through 8th grades
  • Parish Combinations: Saint Rose teams are comprised of players from the following parishes in addition to Saint Rose:
    • St. John XXIII
    • All Saints
    • St. Aloysius
    • St. Thomas More
    • St. Louis (Custar, Ohio)
  • Site of Games
    • The league games are played at the Monsignor Schmit CYO Complex (555 S. Holland-Sylvania Road, between Hill Avenue and Angola Road)
  • Weigh-in
    • All players must weigh-in at the team's scheduled time
    • Any sweating down, strenuous diets or lengthy practice sessions are forbidden since they jeopardize the health and welfare of the individual player and are contrary to the principles of CYO football
    • Tape will be used to distinguish weight classification


  • The CYO soccer program is a co-ed program for players in grades 1 - 8
  • Please call the CYO hotline during inclement weather to check for game cancellations: 419-243-4296
  • Site of Games
    • All league and tournament games will be played at the Monsignor Schmit CYO Athletic Complex located at 555 S. Holland-Sylvania Road (between Hill Avenue and Angola Road)
  • Equipment
    • The ball for minor and cadet divisions is a size four (4) ball, a size five (5) ball is used for juniors. The size three (3) ball will be used for the pee wee division   
    • Tennis shoes/shoes with molded cleats and soft toe are the only shoes permitted
    • Shinguards that fit properly are mandatory.  They must be entirely covered by the player's socks


  • CYO track is offered for 4th through 8th graders
    • One person constitutes a track team
    • Individuals may train with a neighboring parish if their parish does not sponsor a CYO track program, but when it comes to the Diocesan Meet competition, each participant must enter under their parish name
  • Shoes
    • The CYO program will allow spikes to be worn for the junior division only.  These spikes may not exceed 1/4" (per National Federation rules)
    • Waffled shoes are permitted for both cadet & junior divisions
    • NO bare feet are allowed


  • Volleyball is available for girls in grades 4 - 12
  • Practices
    • Practices are twice a week and are held in the Saint Rose School gym
  • Attire and Gear
    • Athletic shoes with non-marking soles, knee pads and a water bottle will be needed for all practices and matches 
    • For matches, the team uniform is a jersey, black shorts (typically volleyball shorts or something similar), and white, black or matching socks that the team agrees upon
  • Matches
    • The regular season matches will start the weekend after Labor Day and continue through October
    • Matches can be on Saturday or Sunday at various schools throughout the Diocese 
    • There are typically two matches on each playing date.  These matches may or may not be played consecutively