Volunteering at Saint Rose

Volunteering Opportunities at Saint Rose

For our parish to continue thriving, we are always looking for volunteers to help support our numerous ministries and activities. Contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Amy Aschemeier by e-mail or call 419 874 8148 to learn more about each of our ministries and programs, find out where volunteers are needed and how you could make an impact, and what steps you need to take to get involved.

*All volunteers will also be required to fill out forms as stated below:

Volunteer Requirements at Saint Rose Parish & School

We are so grateful to those who volunteer at Saint Rose Parish and/or School.

In order to protect those who are most vulnerable among us, Saint Rose and the Diocese of Toledo require all volunteers to meet the following requirements. If you are a volunteer in ANY capacity, please review these requirements and ensure you are current on all required documents. Note that the Standards and Boundaries form (see below) is NEW and that all volunteers must sign an acknowledgement, even if they are current with all other requirements.

For those who do not work directly with Youth or Vulnerable Adults or are under the age of 18:

In order to volunteer at Saint Rose you must do the following steps:

1:Review the Standards and Boundaries Policy

2:Download, print and sign the Acknowledgment of Standards form

3:Either scan your signed Acknowledgment of Standards form and e-mail it as an attachment to hohler@saintroseonline.org or Mail your signed Acknowledgment of Standards form to Attn: Rob Hohler, 215 E. Front St., Perrysburg, OH 43551

For those who work directly with Youth or Vulnerable Adults:

In order to volunteer at Saint Rose you must meet the following requirements that are administered through virtusonline.org.

• You must have a background check through Selection.com - every 5 years ($25 fee)
• You must review and Acknowledge the Standards and Guidelines Policy
• Complete the Protecting Youth Course and Vulnerable Adults Training every 5 years

All of these are accomplished either by accessing your current account that you previously made or if you have never done so, by creating a new account at the following link:

If you have any questions about these requirements or need assistance in completing them, please contact hohler@saintroseonline.org