Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Commuion

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (EMHCs) are entrusted with the care and distribution of the Holy Eucharist.  EMHCs assist the priest and deacon with the distribution of Holy Communion at Mass. Many EMHCs also bring Holy Communion to the sick and shut-in, as well as conduct Communion Services at area nursing homes and care facilities as their time allows. Between six and eight EMHCs assist at each Sunday Mass at Saint Rose, so a typical weekend schedule involves the ministry of between 36 and 48 extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion. In addition, several ministers are needed to bring Holy Communion to those who are unable to come to Mass.

Given the important role that these extraordinary ministers play in the care for and distribution of the Most Blessed Sacrament, the Church teaches that these ministers must be "examples of Christian living in faith and conduct" and must "strive to grow in holiness through this sacrament of love and unity" (Commissioning Prayer for EMHCs). As such, this ministry is open to Catholics who have received the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and Holy Eucharist; who attend Mass every Sunday and on Holy Days of Obligation, only missing for serious reasons (i.e. illness); who, if married, are in a marriage which is recognized as valid by the Catholic Church (please ask one of the priests if you have a question about this requirement). Regular training and ongoing formation is provided for this ministry.

Eucharistic Ministry Team Leaders

Eucharistic Ministry Team Leaders (EMTLs) are responsible for preparing the bread, wine, and sacred vessels needed before each Sunday Mass, and for the proper care and clean-up of the same vessels after each liturgy. EMTLs also coordinate the extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion for each of the Masses. One EMTL is required for each Sunday Mass, and so we require 6 EMTLs each weekend.  EMTLs are encouraged to exercise this ministry at weekday Masses as well, as their schedule permits.  This ministry is open to all trained extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion.

To volunteer please contact our Director of Liturgy and Music, Charlotte Mariasy at the parish office.